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About us

Our nurse-led services ensure that care packages are tailored to meet individual client needs.

Why choose ROTHLEYS for your post-op recovery?

  • We are a nurse-led lead team with over 20 years experience
  • Our nurses and healthcare assistants are compassionate, kind and capable
  • We work with clinics, private and NHS hospitals to smoothly transition patients into self-care at home
  • We implement Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) care pathways which help facilitate quick and safe recovery.

Our story

ROTHLEYS offers comprehensive tailored client services by providing skilled nursing care in the comfort of a hotel, hospital or client’s home. Our highly dedicated team offers customised post procedure and other nursing care related with compassion. Our background as a group of healthcare professionals is grounded in general nursing, cosmetic, plastic and general surgery. We also have extensive experience and training in providing varied nursing care.

What sets Rothleys apart from the rest in a busy and competitive private healthcare market?

That’s a question we are often asked as clients seek to understand our caring and professional ethos and weigh up against competitors, reports Rothleys’ Managing Director Jean Rumveye RGN.

Looking back, Jean established Rothleys in memory of her biological parents, Dorothy and Charles, who very sadly died in a car crash when she was just 18 months old. She wanted to offer a professional, bespoke caring service at a competitive cost.

She went on to qualify at London South Bank University as a registered Adult Nurse in 2003 and has 20 years’ experience working in the community, private clinics, plus NHS and private hospitals.

Jean said: “It’s from working in these various healthcare sectors and personal experience, that I know how important it is to deliver exceptional patient care and to have the highest-quality, caring team working with clients”.

“We all understand the pressures that the NHS is facing and that many people, very understandably, prefer to be treated at home, wherever possible. This in turn, relieves pressures in hospital settings, helping to free up beds and reduce waiting lists”.

“Regardless of their ongoing health care needs, I firmly believe that everyone has the right to live and be treated within the comforts of their own home, in familiar surroundings and with family and pets, where applicable”.

“With private care at home, our clients can be rest assured that their clinical needs are taken care of, professionally and with empathy and care, without the need to move into a nursing or residential care home”.