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Recovery Suites

We offer professional post-operative care from our skilled health professionals at a client’s home or hotel located closer to a clinic/hospital.

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We offer professional post-operative care from our skilled health professionals at your home, hospital or hotel located closer to your clinic/hospital. Getting back on your feet post-operation is a process, and having a trained health professional by your side can help. We can help to book the best hotel that fits your needs, and round-the-clock nursing care and everything will be taken care of, including;

  • Ensuring you take your medication at the right time and keeping track of vitals
  • Using facilities, your nurse will assist you with bathing, dressing, and grooming as well as running errands or any personalised shopping at your request
  • Keeping you properly hydrated and fed
  • Complimentary meals during your stay, which include customised menus from the hotel kitchen to fit your personal tastes and medical requirements
  • Why choose Recovery Suites for your recovery needs?

Returning home after surgery can be daunting, in order to make the transition from hospital to home life as smooth as possible, we can recommend the best amenities to ensure a stress free recovery. Combining the feel of a luxury hotel with nursing expertise, our services are provided in a collection of private luxury hotels all superbly located in the heart of London. Our service keeps all procedures and recovery details confidential. We take great pride in our client’s safety, comfort and privacy, and ascertain discreet recovery that follows specific post-surgery guidelines very precisely. We support and guide you through your recuperation so that you can rest, relax, and recover. Our nurses are experienced in all aspects of surgical aftercare including pain management and monitoring for potential post-operative complications.

Our service delivers results that exceed expectations and our skilled care givers will assist you down the road of a quick post-operative recovery. Our goal is for you to recover safely and comfortably, helping you transition back into your daily life. Whether you are recovering from cosmetic or elective general surgery, we are committed to providing the highest quality post-operative aftercare. However you wish to recover, we will assist you. Generally, recovery suites are an option recommended for individuals who are otherwise healthy and do not have any significant medical issues.

No chaperone post-surgery?

After having general anaesthesia or sedation, patients must have a responsible adult escort who will take responsibility for them at discharge and care for them as they recover. On occasions, recovery nurses are faced with the dilemma of a patient who has no escort, whose escort has failed to appear and insist on travelling alone. The after effects of anaesthesia may vary, anaesthesia may cause nausea, vomiting and drowsiness. We provide trusted health care professionals to escort you home or a preferred destination and be of assistance should any after surgery effects occur during the journey. As little as 24 hour notice is required, whether you are planning ahead or scheduling for the following day, our health care professionals are ready to support you.