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Paternity Test

Image showing Paternity test data on a printed sheet.

What is it?

A Paternity Test is a 100% accurate and reliable way of determining the identity of a child’s biological father, and only requires cheek swab samples from the child and alleged father.

AlphaBio labs paternity test analyses up to 42 DNA markers – double the industry standard for paternity testing – to examine the child’s DNA and identify which half is inherited from the father.

When testing the biological father of the child, both will share enough DNA markers to confirm a biological relationship. If the tested man is not the biological father, this will not be the case.

The test can be performed at any time on a person of any age, including new-born babies, and grown-up children/adults.

Why is this test useful?

The test is useful in situations where it is unclear who a child’s biological father is.

In circumstances involving new-born babies, doing a paternity test as soon as the baby is born can remove any doubts and ensure that the relationship between the father and the child gets off to the best possible start.

Samples required

The test requires cheek swab samples from the alleged father and the child taking part in the test.


Price £165.00


The results of the test will show the probability of paternity as a percentage.

This is calculated by comparing the DNA profiles of the tested individuals and determining the
likelihood of the man being the biological father of the child.



The paternity testing is 100% accurate and reliable based on the samples  received at AlphaBiolabs laboratory.

They have invested in the very latest DNA testing technology and use the most up-to-date scientific processes to ensure the best possible customer experience, and rapid results every time.

AlphaBiolabs DNA laboratory is also accredited to the international quality standard ISO 17025.


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