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Repatriation/Transfer Nurse

We provide Registered General Nurses with varied skills to repatriate/ transfer clients to their required destinations.

We repatriate non-critically ill patients on scheduled flights by a fully trained flight nurse including visitors from overseas following an accident or illness while in the UK. We are dedicated to helping clients achieve a safe travel, to and from any domestic or international location. We provide traveling companionship and assistance every step of the way ensuring the trip is comfortable from the beginning to the end. However, this service provides a reduced level of medical care and should only be considered for non-emergency transfers for clients deemed medically fit for discharge and fit-to-fly on a commercial flight or private jet.

Prior to departure, pre-flight checks are carried out to go over the client’s medical records, medicinal requirements, and other specific needs. These services are more suited for patients that can sit in a regular flight seat or make use of the bed type configuration in business or first-class. We are able to transfer clients in first or business class seats very comfortably and safely, comfort and safety is our highest priority. All repatriations/ transfers are completed holistically with the interests of the client of utmost importance. Contact us by phone, email or via our website, we an be ready to transfer or repatriate within 48-72 hours.


Why choose our Flight/Transfer Nurses?

  • Our flight nurses have years of experience working in NHS critical care, acute care and accident and emergency departments, thus providing our client’s and their families peace of mind knowing they are working with experienced health professionals.
  • Our nurse flight coordinators are trained in assessing client’s fitness for travel, they will evaluate and customise your travel plan to meet you or your loved ones needs.
  • Whether you are traveling from your home, hotel, or hospital bed, your flight nurse will travel with you until you reach your final destination.
  • Our flight nurses manage care for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses, including diabetes, dementia, orthopaedic injuries and restricted ambulation.
  • Our flight Nurses will assist with medication administration, blood sugar monitoring, dietary and toileting needs.
  • Our Flight Nurses uphold safety standards by maintaining clinical skills proficiency and knowledge base.
  • For our post-surgery clients, we implement and adhere to post-operative guidelines issued by the civil aviation authority and NHS choices.

Case example 1

Client Repatriation to Trinidad post-surgery (11/2022)

Rhonda arrived in the UK from Trinidad to undergo emergency treatment for gangrenous left toe. After extensive medial reviews, Rhonda underwent elective surgery for left toe amputation. Following discharge from hospital and district nurses, Rhonda’s sister (Sprinkle) contacted us requesting for a nurse to escort Rhonda back to Trinidad.

Rhonda was an insulin dependent diabetic and had abnormally high levels of sugar in her blood and required regular blood sugar monitoring. Her mobility was restricted which confined her to a wheelchair. Sprinkle had been handling all of the affairs but was unable to escort her sister due to her work schedule.


Our Flight Nurse Coordinator did the following;

  • Obtained Rhonda’s discharge summary from her consultant and district nurses to ascertain if she was deemed fit to travel
  • Fit to fly assessment and evaluation were completed, and preparations for travel commenced.
  • A flight nurse was chosen based on Rhonda’s needs. Insulin supply and blood sugar monitor for the journey were double checked
  • Coordinated channels of communication with client and family members. Transportation and chaperone upon arrival were arranged, and flights were booked.
  • The flight was uneventful—Rhonda and her flight nurse were met at Piarco International Airport by her son and she has since fully recovered.