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A Fresh Perspective on Blood Tests

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Blood tests should not be reserved solely for when doctors prescribe them due to illness. Instead, they envision a world where people are not only willing but eager to get tested voluntarily, as a proactive step towards taking charge of their health and prioritizing their well-being.

Why, you might ask? Because they understand that routine blood testing is a powerful tool to monitor your health, identify potential issues early, and make informed decisions to lead a healthier life. By changing the perception of blood tests, individuals can take control of their health journeys and strive for a better future.


Your premier blood testing destination


Examine Me offers over 40 tests to choose from:

1. Choose the test that aligns with your health goals and requirements. Examine Me‘s diverse options cater to various concerns and objectives.

2. Swift results with expert comments from a private GP: Within 48 hours, you’ll receive your test results along with personalised notes & comments from a private GP.

3. A seamless service experience: examine me’s user-friendly website allows you to effortlessly explore their diverse range of tests, making it easy to find the perfect match for your health needs. Booking is a breeze with their intuitive system, offering the flexibility to schedule an appointment at your local GP or enjoy the convenience of a certified phlebotomist coming to your home. They prioritize a hassle-free process from start to finish, ensuring you have control over your health journey. Discover the ease of personalized healthcare with Examine Me.


  • Male Hormone Test
  • Male Hormone Advanced
  • Erectile Dysfunction Profile
  • Testosterone Test
  • Male Fitness Profile
  • Well-Man Profile


  • Progesterone Test Ovarian
  • Reserve Menopause Health
  • Female Hormone Profile
  • Hormone Replacement
  • Therapy Profile
  • Female Fitness Profile
  • Well-Woman Profile
  • Ovarian Reserve Test


  • Muscle Health
  • Muscle and Bone Health
  • Female Fitness Profile
  • Male Fitness Profile
  • ALZ Profile: Apolipoprotein
    E Genotyping Test
  • Cancer Profile Male
  • Cancer Profile Female
  • Cardiac Health Profile Test


  • Sexual Health – Basic
  • Sexual Health – Care
  • Sexual Health – Advanced


  • Vitamin B12 Test
  • Vitamin D Test
  • Folate Test
  • Vitamin Profile Test
  • Thyroid Test
  • Thyroid Antibody Test
  • Tiredness/Fatigue Test
  • Immune Health Test
  • Diabetes Test
  • CRP (Inflammation)Test
  • Cortisol Test
  • Liver Function Test
  • Kidney Function Test
  • Cholesterol Test
  • Well-Man Profile
  • Well-Woman Profile
  • Longevity Profile

Empowering your health journey together

Embarking on a journey to prioritize your well-being? Unsure where to begin? Fear not! Enter the world of Examine Me, where your health story unfolds uniquely.

Navigate through an array of meticulously curated tests, each designed with a purpose. Wondering which test suits you best? Explore the intuitive AI symptom checker on examine me’s user-friendly website. It unveils the perfect test recommendation tailored to the information you provide, ensuring a personalized and informed health experience.

Discover the allure of Examine Me’s signature tests, including the Well-Woman Profile and Well-Man Profile. These comprehensive health checks delve into key aspects affecting men and women, spanning fertility, liver and kidney function, diabetes, cholesterol levels, and musculoskeletal health, among others.

Witness the rising popularity of Examine Me’s  Comprehensive Cancer Profiles – an astute and cost-effective solution for monitoring vital biomarkers, providing unparalleled insights into potential cancer risks for both men and women.

Indulge in their most sought-after individual tests, such as the Cholesterol and Vitamin B12 tests. Yet, these are merely a glimpse into the extensive repertoire. Visit their website and uncover the perfect test tailored to elevate your well-being journey.

In the pursuit of optimal health, Examine Me invites you to discover the power of knowledge. Your path to wellness awaits – embark on it with purpose and precision at Examine Me.



Comprehensive Cancer
Profile Male Test

What gets tested?
• Digestive System Cancer Marker
• General Cancer Markers
• Prostate Health Markers


The Cancer Profile Male Test is meticulously crafted to track biomarkers that are pivotal in the early detection of male-specific cancers.


Well-Women Profile

What gets tested?
• General Haematology
• Full iron Profile
• Cholesterol Profile
• Muscle and bone health
• Thyroid hormones
• Diabetes
• Kidney Function
• Fertility
• Liver Function
• Vitamin C


The Well-Woman profile offers a comprehensive check of the key health issues that affect women.


Well-Man Profile

What gets tested?
• Total Triglycerides
• LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein)
• Cholesterol
• Non-HDL Cholesterol
• HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein)
• HDL Ratio


Our Cholesterol Test measures a key marker for heart disease (triglycerides), alongside total, good, and bad cholesterols, giving you an accurate overview of your cardiovascular risk.

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